Bhutan Shining East Tour & Travels….( BSETT): Logo Significance

The glorious sun rays shining from the East indicates the hopes & aspirations of the company to be the leading tour operator of the Dragon Kingdom, located in the eastern Himalayas called Bhutan. The green coloring signifies that Bhutan is environmentally friendly with 70 percent under forest cover & its a carbon negative country in the world. The letter S (shining) is shown as a road leading towards this unknown tourist destiny so pure, unpolluted, & majestic. The prayer flag projecting three colors of blue representing (sky), red representing (space), yellow representing (earth), depicts the letter E for (east). This prayer flag has religious significance of good Luck, peace & happiness. This prayer flags traditionally are hoisted on the roof tops during annual puja and during VIP visits hoisted by the road sides to express purity of a hearty welcome. The Bhutan Shining East Tours & Travel welcomes you to discover these sacred tradition & customs, culture, festivals…enchanted realm of the mystical land of the Dragon Kingdom …unforgettable holiday experience of your Lifetime….

Tashi-Delek: Greetings….

Is an auspicious expression of Bhutanese greetings meaning wishing you well, good wishes, good luck, congratulations, many many good fortune come to you, cheers and so…

Why Choose BSETT
The experienced guides & executive staffs of Bhutan Shining East Tour & Travels are highly qualified, well motivated with absolute “Personal Touch “of customer care to clients making BSETT very special second to none. They will always be at your service as a companion to guide you through this unforgettable experience of your lifetime to explore fascinating history, natural beauty, indigenous lifestyle, custom and traditions, flora & fauna & sacred snow capped mountains of the Dragon Kingdom.

BSETT is formally registered with the Tourism Council of Bhutan, member of the Association of Bhutan Tour Operators (ABTO) & Guide Association of Bhutan (GAB). It is also tied up with many international tour operators. The Managing Director of the company is Passang Thrinlee an ex- member of Parliament, ex- Army Officer whose experiences & depth knowledge on Bhutan is exceptional and has world wide travel experiences. The tourism policy is “high value, low volume”. Those who choose to visit Bhutan are the privileged guests. Our tour itineraries as planned here are few selected ones but detail itineraries will be planned after consulting with you the guests & accordingly customized to suit your interests, what best Bhutan has to offer? Therefore, your dream come true journey of a life time can be fulfilled through BSETT please do not hesitate to contact us now!

OUR MISSION: is to strengthen the friendship bond between our guests & the Bhutanese people and make our guests feel at home, happy & satisfied….make your trip a memorable tour of its kind.

OUR VALUE: is to serve with humility & devotion and live up to the expectations of the guests with honesty & trustworthy.

OUR AIM: is to promote Bhutan as a GNH society, Promote Bhutan as a most friendly tourist destiny, Bhutan Brand

Important Instructions

  • Visiting Dzongs in formal dress or with full shirt & pant. No shoes inside the chapel. No smoking inside the Dzongs & public places.
  • Always respect the elders & the handicapped people.
  • Give with right hand & receive with both hands is considered good manner to Bhutanese.

Our Tour Itineraries

Cultural Tours:-

Festival Tours:- Punakha Dromchen, Paro Tsechu, wangdue Tsechu, Gomkora


Trekking & Hiking:-