Bhutanese art and crafts are most visible as in its unique architecture, especially the fortresses and the monasteries.

Murals and carvings of Lord Buddha and various other deities adorn the walls and altars of temples and shrines. The Mandala, a geometric design of tantric significance, is a common feature in most dzongs and temples and the eight auspicious signs, are conspicuously painted, embroidered or appliqued on buildings, thangkhas and souvenirs.

Articles for everyday use are still fashioned today as they were centuries ago. Traditional craftmanship is handed down from generation to generation. Bhutan’s artisans are skilled workers in bronze and precious metals, wood and slate carving and clay sculpture. Our guest have the first hand opportunity to buy the most authentic decorative silk embroidery and thangkhas from the master embroider exclusively catering for our guest at most reasonable rate.